In September 2006, because of a simple but beautiful wish -- to let parents spend time with their children and leave precious and touching memories, We set up the first Maggie & AMP in London, UK; Rose Family Club. Maggie & Rose creates a comfortable and beautiful creative space for children, and also provides intimate and convenient supporting services for parents: delicious and healthy food, wonderful parties, high-end private members-style meeting places...... Here, just like a warm home, let the parent-child time become relaxed and happy! In addition, Maggie & Amp; Rose introduced the unique British early childhood education courses, adhering to the concept of "edutainment", so that children can contact the British characteristics of education in a happy environment, improve their independent innovation ability, and cultivate their spirit of "small earth masters"! For more than 10 years, from London to Hong Kong, from Hong Kong to Hangzhou, countless children have become Maggie & Amp; Part of Rose's extended family, growing up healthy At the same time, I spent unforgettable parent-child time with my family. From now on, Maggie & Amp; Rose will spread all over the country, bringing more families pure British parent-child club, accompany children to grow up happily! Maggie & Rose has family around her and love all over the world