Maggie & Rose The Family Members' Club was founded in kensington, London, UK in 2006 and has since spread to London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Hangzhou...... With 15 years of experience in china-UK cooperation and development, Maggie & Rose provides a one-stop members-only parent-child service of "early childhood education, fun, food and parties" for every family. As an extension of the home, Maggie & Rose is committed to the concept of "Time to Be Together", providing comfortable and creative Spaces for the whole family to enjoy, encourage parents and children to spend more Time with each other, and record unforgettable family moments. Maggie & Rose is a great home away from home with over 2,000 member families in China and the UK. The number of member families is growing rapidly, and over 40,000 members have joined our family online. Next, Maggie & Rose will travel to other cities in North America, the Middle East and Asia to bring the warmth of home to more friends. In 2021, Maggie & Rose will open three clubs in London to provide better childcare services to more families. At the beginning of 2021, the direct club will officially land in Shanghai and open in Moon Bay of Ruihong World and Nanfeng City of Hongqiao. In addition to Xiaoshan Henglong Square and West Yintai City in Hangzhou, there will be Olympic Sports Center Club located in the most core CBD of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Impression City, welcome more big friends to join our happy global family.