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Welcome to the awesome world of Maggie & Rose, the most inspiring of places for little ones to learn.

Here at Maggie & Rose we pride ourselves on a programme of classes that you won’t find anywhere else. We have over ten years of tried and test learning methods which hail from our London and Hong Kong clubs.


Our art classes are EPIC. We encourage our mini Picassos in the making to get as messy as possible. Anything arty is a great vehicle for expanding development, increasing hand-eye coordination and stimulating both sides of the brain.


Cooking at Maggie & Rose will have little ones inspired! We mix gardening, creative activities and cooking in these classes to create a lesson extraordinaire. The children are guided in learning about ingredients and methods of cooking. And participate in a fun activity post prep too. The best bit about these classes is the finished product that you get to take home to enjoy!


Perfect for a wide range of ages, imaginations run wild and noise levels are through the roof for these musical and dance sessions! Let little ones’ boogie, wiggle and plie until they’re all danced out! Dress up and dance, get funky on the dance floor, or hit the West End, the options for kids are endless!

For mini musicians, our classes are all about sensory musical exploration and introduces your movers and shakers to genres and instruments from around the world, from jazz to disco, to name but a few!

Make&Make Believe

Make & Make Believe is one of our specialties, a true Maggie & Rose signature.

Little ones will be busy discovering imaginative worlds, exploring, acting and having fun on a journey out of the ordinary…from faraway magical lands, to mad science, to pirate escapades and octopus under water exploration, it’s THE class for mini-members, and is always a frim favourite!