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The Club Song of Maggie & Rose


Join us for our Special Preview Event into the World of Maggie & Rose, on the 16th of May at 800 Show! 

The first listen of our Maggie & Rose club song will take place on the 16th of May. The song is upbeat and full of fun, as we hear from our four friends, Maggie, Rose, Oscar and Bentley, who play, laugh and grow up together.

We were delighted to work with Chris Renshaw and Mary Keith, well-known British composer and musician, who composed and put to music our very first Maggie & Rose club song.

The club song is easy to sing as we use simple words to tell a little bit about our brand story. Using a soothing melody, it’s a memorable tune for little ones to sing and dance along to, with the help of Maggie, Rose, Oscar and Bentley!


△Chris Renshaw

A renowned British composer, Chris has composed work for children’s film and TV productions includes Thomas & Friends, Justin’s House, The Big Party (Scrumptious House) and Alien Adventures.


△Mary Keith

A musician and performer, Mary has been running Buzzy Beats for the last 16 years, an under 5’s music class at the Hive in Shrewsbury. She has composed music for shows at the New Vic Theatre, Pentabus Theatre, on Channel 4, performed on BBC Radio 4, at the Lowry Theatre and Westminster Abbey.


△Live effect Mimic diagram

Time: 16th May 2021
Venue: 800 Show 
(800 Changde Road, Jing'an District)


△Shanghai 800 show venue


△Schematic diagram of the theme decoration at the door of the Shanghai 800 show

Join us on our journey into the world of Maggie & Rose, it’s an event for the whole family!

Maggie & Rose special preview into the world of Maggie & Rose
Launch of our Maggie & Rose club song
Shanghai premiere of our stage play, ‘Little Prince Bally’
Charity Fair
Family carnival
English afternoon tea


Two years ago, during our first anniversary party to celebrate our launch in mainland, little ones and grown-ups watched our very first stage play; families loved the story all about bravery, love and warmth.



△‘Little Prince Bally’ at Hangzhou Xiaoshan Club for the first time

‘Little Prince Bally’ is a heart-warming story full of positivity, encouraging courage and persistence, and the importance of helping one another. In a mysterious castle, the princess of spring was held captive by witches; locked up, everything outside withered and died. The little prince decides to rescue her, full of responsibility and expectation from the King and Queen and goes on a brave journey to find his sister. Finally, with the help of our superstar Oscar, the princess of spring is saved!


△The first showing of ‘Little Prince Bally’

Our original stage play is back! It’s been worked on by all of our team for the last six months; the costumes are sewn by hand to ensure they’re perfect, the actors are all members of staff from our Maggie & Rose clubs, and our family members are even set to make an appearance. Little ones get a chance to join in and really feel the play coming to life with their help.  Our original stage play has been worked on with the help of famous industry directors Wang Gegang, Zhao Xinran and Chen Yuxi. We’re so grateful to have experienced from their direction and professionalism to bring Little Prince Bally to Shanghai for the first time!


△Director Wang Gegang

Deputy director of Zhejiang Cultural Centre, director of performing arts, director of Zhejiang Drama Association, graduated from Shanghai Drama College


△Director Zhao Xinran

Deputy director of the Performing Arts Guidance Centre fat Zhejiang Province Cultural Centre, Drama director, director of Zhejiang Province Drama Association, graduated from Shanghai Academy of Drama


△Director Chen Yuxi

Actor, drama teacher, graduated from Central Academy of Drama

At our first anniversary party in Hangzhou’s Xiaoshan club, hundreds of families joined us to watch the first showing of our original play. Through the emotional connection between the brother and sister, little ones learnt all about the importance of family. The theme of overcoming challenges and pursuing goals, just as Bally did to rescue his sister, also resonated with the audience. Grown-ups joined in the fun too, interacting with the actors, and learnt all about the harmony of the natural world. Our play showcases something we always want for our mini members at Maggie & Rose, health and positivity.

△Shirley Jin (third from right) and Xiaokaixin (second from right) with the actors

Xiaokaixin is a well-known TV host from Hangzhou’s Xihu channel. Since her first show, ‘Happy TV’ back in 2005, she has been firm favourite and part of Hangzhou life for the last 13 years.


△Host of Hangzhou TV Station
Little fun

Family Carnival

△Live effect Mimic diagram

After 14 years of experience building our clubs in the UK and with 8 years of Maggie & Rose in Hong Kong, our early years’ curriculum, our ethos of learning through play and our CREATE concept, have become much loved by our families around the world, through our varied, fun and creative classes.

Our special preview event will see our four friends, Maggie, Rose, Oscar and Bentley giving us a sneak peek into the world of Maggie & Rose. Expect a family carnival, prepared with the little ones in mind, with our exciting British early years’ taster classes, and fun games and activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Maggie’s Arty Party

△Live effect Mimic diagram

Join us for one of our favourite parties, where little ones get creative, imaginative and arty as they become messy masters in our signature art party. 

Rose’s Afternoon Tea Room

△Live effect Mimic diagram

Join us in our Little Cheflets class, where we’ll be making colourful salads, decorating cakes and much more, as we let little ones learn all about food and respecting the environment.

Oscar’s Rock & Roll Studio

△Live effect Mimic diagram

Little ones often fall in love with music, even before they’re able to speak. Join us at the music studio where we’ve got all kinds of musical instruments to try, for mini musicians to get musical and creative with sound, with the help of our teachers.


Bentley’s Green-fingered Garden

△Live effect Mimic diagram

Let’s go green and help our little eco warriors learn all about protecting the planet! Bentley invites you to join our green-fingered gardening class and to learn more about how to play our part in the world, as little global citizens.

Charity Fair

△Activity diagram

Partnering with local charities and doing our bit for our communities is important to us.  At our preview event, look out for our charity market with lots of stalls from our brand partners and friends of Maggie & Rose. Pop by our afternoon tea spot, enjoy a British tipple or two and don’t miss our Maggie & Rose At Home products. All proceeds will go to charity.

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